Their Rides

Posted by John Higginson on April 18, 2015

A couple more pictures.

Just got back from another little road trip where I met a couple of amazing guys with equally amazing rides.

Matthew in Chevelle

It's amazing who you meet in the most unexpected places. This is Matt Hilbish, Artist, model maker and car enthusiast. This picture was made in Matt's garage which also doubles as his studio, you can see his work in progress on the walls in the background. This guy is seriously talented, check out his website, seriously impressive. 

And to add insult to injury he rebuilds classic cars, not just one either, he's got three on the go. This is a 1965 Chevy Chevelle, a beautiful car with a very impressive engine, it sounded truly gorgeous. 


Sometimes we're lucky enough to meet people who inspire us and we like and respect as people. Both Dave in this picture and Matt were just those kind of people. I spent a few days with Dave just driving around, talking, sharing stories, setting the world right. I enjoyed every moment.

This is one of Daves trucks, it's a 1965 International Harvester, a 4x4 crew cab pick-up. An amazing vehicle, still used regularly. It's affectionately known as the Queen Mary, reference to the turning circle. That rope across the roof lining is the horn !