Acura TLX Ads

Posted by John Higginson on April 6, 2015

Great to see these Ads up.

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Los Angeles Addy Silver Award

Posted by John Higginson on March 26, 2015

Exciting news, we won a Silver Addy award for our photography on the Infiniti Q70 Catalogue. 

Shooting In Florida, this was a wonderful team effort, great art direction from Noah and April, a great brief and a lot of fun. As with all car photography its all about collaboration and great production. Thank you to everyone involved.

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This Year ...

Posted by John Higginson on February 16, 2015

Their Rides ...

This year we thought we'd try to do things a little differently, a new website, this blog and a desire and determination to shoot more personal work.

I feel it's time to get back to being a photographer. Get back to making photographs because something catches my eye and I fall in love with it. I've always loved the actual process of being a photographer, meeting people, working with people or an environment to produce a picture, so it's time to take the advice of the great American photographer Lee Friedlander, when asked if he had any advice for aspiring photographers he said. "hire a car"

So, early January my eldest son Sam and I set off on a road trip to get inspired and to finally start a project I'd had in my minds eye for years. To photograph people with their rides, cars they love, cars they've made their own, cars with a history. Somehow the person and the car just fit together.

Their Rides was a joy, it's a project I'd had in mind for a long time, no producers, no retouching, just a camera. These nine pictures took us into Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. A journey of around 3000 miles. Sharing this road trip with my eldest son was a joy from beginning to end. The hope is the body of work will continue to grow, I aim to set off again soon.

It was a real pleasure to meet and share time with the wonderful people who made these pictures possible. Here are the pictures with a little more info on each.

This is Jon with his 1960's Valiant, made by Chrysler, a car ahead of its time, there was version made with push button gear control. Jon uses the car everyday to get to and from work. He works as a chef and also owns GMC truck. You may be able to spot Neil Young in the 8 track and The Alan Parsons Project on the dash. Pure class !

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Last Year ended on a high shooting a Campaign for BMW

Posted by John Higginson on January 16, 2015

The BMW 6 Series Campaign ...

Last year ended really well with a lovely job for BMW, the shoot was set entirely within Monaco, shooting a new Campaign for the wonderful 6 series. It was a joy. Until the i8 launched the 6 was always my favourite car from BMW.

The idea was to use Monaco for what it is, the home of the Monaco Grand Prix, a unique place within Europe. If you know Monaco, you'll probably be able to spot most of the locations we used. Most of the shots we're taken on roads that form the Race Track, if not they were certainly shot within sight of it. 

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