Posted by John Higginson on April 23, 2015

Big Boot Photography

This is another one of those projects that's been a long time in the making or more accurately a long time in my thoughts. It's a lot of fun, a friend of mine used to call it 'big boot photography', camera, tripod and a pair of good boots.

It's those colors, the patina, its irresistible ! An itch has been scratched !

These pictures wouldn't have been possible without the help and advice of Susana and Dave, great fun trekking all over the desert, thanks for your patience guys.


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Another Silver Addy ..

Posted by John Higginson on April 22, 2015

We won another award

After the Q70 photography was honored with a Silver ADDY award in the American Advertising Federation Los Angeles competition, it was automatically entered in the regional competition against marketing photography from agencies throughout California and Nevada.

This time it was up against all other industries like fashion and beauty. We did good !

I'm really happy with this result, but next time it'll be yellow in color !

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Their Rides

Posted by John Higginson on April 18, 2015

A couple more pictures.

Just got back from another little road trip where I met a couple of amazing guys with equally amazing rides.

Matthew in Chevelle

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Acura TLX Ads

Posted by John Higginson on April 6, 2015

Great to see these Ads up.

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