This Year ...

Posted by John Higginson on February 16, 2015

Their Rides ...

This year we thought we'd try to do things a little differently, a new website, this blog and a desire and determination to shoot more personal work.

I feel it's time to get back to being a photographer. Get back to making photographs because something catches my eye and I fall in love with it. I've always loved the actual process of being a photographer, meeting people, working with people or an environment to produce a picture, so it's time to take the advice of the great American photographer Lee Friedlander, when asked if he had any advice for aspiring photographers he said. "hire a car"

So, early January my eldest son Sam and I set off on a road trip to get inspired and to finally start a project I'd had in my minds eye for years. To photograph people with their rides, cars they love, cars they've made their own, cars with a history. Somehow the person and the car just fit together.

Their Rides was a joy, it's a project I'd had in mind for a long time, no producers, no retouching, just a camera. These nine pictures took us into Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. A journey of around 3000 miles. Sharing this road trip with my eldest son was a joy from beginning to end. The hope is the body of work will continue to grow, I aim to set off again soon.

It was a real pleasure to meet and share time with the wonderful people who made these pictures possible. Here are the pictures with a little more info on each.

This is Jon with his 1960's Valiant, made by Chrysler, a car ahead of its time, there was version made with push button gear control. Jon uses the car everyday to get to and from work. He works as a chef and also owns GMC truck. You may be able to spot Neil Young in the 8 track and The Alan Parsons Project on the dash. Pure class !

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