I fell in love with photography over 25 years ago whilst reading a Time Life book somewhere in the Indian Ocean, Great Photographers. I happened on the picture The White Fence, Port Kent by Paul Strand. It's fair to say that picture and that library of books changed my life. It still amazes me that picture.

First steps

I left school at 16 and joined the Oil industry as a Junior Engineer for Esso Petroleum, I spent the following seven years adrift at sea wondering what I'd done ! 

But I've much to be grateful for, not only did it show me the four corners of the world via the not so glamorous Ports we frequented, it was in the Italian harbor of Genoa that I bought my first camera.

Once I decided a life on the ocean waves wasn't for me, I jumped ship and went to work as a full time assistant for the wonderful photographer John Claridge in London. It was through John that I began to understand how commitment and passion manifested itself in the world of photography. I'm forever in his debt.

I love photography as much today as I did then, perhaps even more so. I suppose it gave me a way of seeing the world around me, a way of exploring, meeting people, making connections with similar minded people.

I started working commercially as a photojournalist for magazines such as the Sunday Times and the Sunday Telegraph shooting everything from portraits of politicians to Restaurants by the sea.


From there I moved into fashion photography for magazines and High Street stores, it was then I got asked to shoot for Jaguar, and that changed everything, certainly these last nine years.

I love shooting cars, building shots, working in collaboration with teams, its hugely rewarding. And now with adding motion into our repertoire those teams and collaborations continue to grow.

For me photography is about capturing an emotion, a feeling. I love images that have a narrative, I believe pictures need to be emotionally charged, they need to engage people. Communicating, thats the fun part.


I was lucky enough to receive a 'Gold award' together with 'International Best Portrait'  for a portfolio of pictures of the American Cowboy I shot over 10 years ago now. We had an exhibition at Hamiltons Gallery in Mayfair, London. It was a lot of fun.

My aim is another exhibition sometime soon.

I'm fortunate enough and grateful to be able to divide my time between California and Europe.